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2019-2020 Registration: 8/1/18 8:00 am - 5/4/20 12:00 am
2020-2021 Registration: 7/31/20 8:00 am - 5/4/21 12:00 am
Sites: Canyon View, Manzanita, Sunrise Drive, Ventana Vista, Orange Grove, Esperero Canyon, Foothills High School, Out of District, Summer Session and Not Applicable
Grades: 3-Adult

We offer a wide variety of outdoor adventure programming for students of all ages. Our trips vary, depending on the time of year, from day trips, overnight excursions or week-long out of town adventures. Our nature-based education can be geared towards meeting a wide variety of national or state academic standards. Our motto is Fun, Adventure & Education! Community Schools Outdoors can meet all your child’s outdoor adventure needs!

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OUTDOORS - 2019/20 Dates: 8/12/18 - 10/11 Registration: 8/1/19 - 5/21/20 Enrolling