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Our C.A.R.E. (Children’s Activity and Recreation Environment) Program is available for children enrolled in CFSD elementary schools, grades K-5. In C.A.R.E. a secure, supervised learning and playing experience is provided to enhance the quality of the time a child spends away from parents and the classroom. C.A.R.E.'s relaxed atmosphere welcomes children giving them an opportunity to develop a sense of belonging in a positive after school community.

  • Registration fees are $75.00 for the first child/$45.00 for each additional child.
  • Payment will be required in order for your registration to be complete.
  • Rates for 20/21 School Year are $5 per hour. And in the 21/22 school year rates will be $5.25/hour
  • Please read the attached handbook and Covid-19 Informational Letter. You will be required to acknowledge that you have read and understand the policies before completing your registration.

Valley View ELC provides the highest quality early learning experiences for children ages 2 ½ - 5 years old. Our inclusive program utilizes an emergent curriculum built on the natural interests and curiosities of the children. Early Childhood certified teachers intentionally design learning experiences to support social/emotional, cognitive and physical development that are aligned with Arizona Early Childhood Standards.

Read ALL of the following Important Information regarding the 21/22 School Year:

• K+ is first come first serve

  • There are no guaranteed spots...the district will do its best to accommodate as many families as possible.

• In-District Families’ Kindergarten Plus applications will be considered first** when submitted starting December 2nd 2020

**In district families registering for Kindergarten Plus by open enrolling to another school within Catalina Foothills School District will have their Kindergarten Plus applications processed in the first 5 business day period, only if open enrolling to a Spanish or Chinese Immersion program. If Open Enrolling to a non-immersion program, Kindergarten Plus applications will be queued with all other Open Enrollment Kindergarten Plus applications.

• Open Enrollment Families’ Kindergarten Plus applications may be turned in during the same 5-business day window as In-District families. These applications will be time/date stamped and queued for the initial period for each school. After such time, Open Enrolled families' applications will be considered for placement starting December 17, 2020.

• All Kindergarten Plus applications received after the corresponding time periods above, will be processed in the order that they were time/date stamped, regardless of in-district or open enrollment status.

Community Schools works in partnerships with our elementary sites to offer a variety of activities. Early Release and after-school time is an opportunity for students to enhance and expand skills and learning through such activities as chess, Robotics, martial arts, dance, art and physical activity classes. Special Programs, usually scheduled on weekends and school holidays, offer students unique opportunities to explore a variety of activities and learn how to develop new skills.

Meeting the needs of our middle school students can sometimes be a challenge. We are proud to say that nearly half of our middle school students choose to be engaged in our after-school Extended Day Programs. The unique developmental needs of middle school students directs a focus of programming at this level. The after school extended day program meets their need to explore a variety of activities. Creative exploration in the arts, outdoor education and culture. Through intramural and interscholastic sports students learn how to experience healthy competition as well as valuable team experience. As they look for a place to belong, these programs offer a positive, safe and social alternative to many other options. As these young adolescents search for a sense of identity, our middle school staff who teach in these programs, provide positive role models and guidance in an out of school time environment.

The Outdoor Adventure Program promotes and instills a healthy self-awareness and self-confidence, pushing one’s limits and learning respect for others and the environment. Our Outdoor Adventure program is here for anyone who has ever wanted to venture outside and experience all that the outdoors has to offer! Everyone on our Outdoor Staff is fun, friendly, helpful, and sincerely interested in making sure that your student has a great time on their trip! Feel safe sending your student with Guides who have certifications in Wilderness First Aid, Leave No Trace Outdoor Ethics, Basic Water Rescue, Backpacking & Canyoneering and Food Sanitation. Our staff is well versed about the geology, ecology and history of the areas in which we operate, and we enjoy answering questions and sharing our knowledge with your student. We pride ourselves in having good equipment and taking care of it. We also work continuously to implement new and innovative ideas that make our trips even better and more comfortable for everyone. We keep our trip enrollment numbers small so we can put a personal touch on every adventure trip. We strive to make sure everyone receives individual attention!

There is a one-time $25 registration fee per child when registering for the summer program.
Refund Policy: 75% available through Thursday of the week before, no refunds thereafter.

High School Summer

- High School for Credit PE & Health
 - Located at Catalina Foothills High School, 4300 E. Sunrise Drive