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Study Hall Catalog

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Classes in Esperero Study Hall and Orange Grove Study Hall may be available to sign up for at your student's schools, select from the Site Calendars below.

Dates: 8/8/18-5/22/19 Enrolling
Dates: 8/8/18-5/22/19 Enrolling

Enrichment Catalog

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6th Grade Boot Camp Dates: 7/29/19-8/1 Registration: 2/27/19-7/24 Enrolling
HIGH SCHOOL SUMMER 18/19 Dates: 5/28/19-7/19 Registration: 2/27/19-7/4 Enrolling
8th Grade Football Strength and Conditioning Camp Dates: 4/29/19-5/19 Registration: 4/18/19-5/19 Enrolling
2018/19 FOOTBALL CAMP Dates: 4/1/19-4/26 Registration: 3/19/19-4/26 Enrolling
Q4 ESPERERO CANYON - ATHLETICS 18/19 Dates: 3/18/19-5/22 Registration: 3/8/19-3/31
Q4 ESPERERO CANYON 2018/19 Dates: 3/18/19-5/17 Registration: 3/8/19-3/31
Q4 ORANGE GROVE - ATHLETICS 18/19 Dates: 3/18/19-5/17 Registration: 3/8/19-3/31
Q4 ORANGE GROVE 2018/19 Dates: 3/18/19-5/17 Registration: 3/8/19-3/31
*OGMS YEARBOOK - 2018/19 Dates: 1/10/19-4/30 Registration: 1/10/19-3/4
Goshinjitsu Dates: 1/7/19-5/17 Registration: 12/12/18-1/3/19