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8/17/20 - 10/9/20
3:00 PM - 4:30 PM
Days: Th
Grades 6-8
Esperero Canyon
Enrollments after midnight on 8/17 will be assessed at $15.00 late registration fee.

Although this class appears CLOSED, there are still spots available. Please contact our Community Schools office at 209-7551 to enroll.

The American Rocketry Challenge (TARC) is a national model rocketry contest for grades 6 through 12 where students work as a team to fly a raw egg in a model rocket to an altitude of 800 ft, and land it unbroken after a flight of between 40 and 43 seconds. In the first quarter, students build and fly their own model rockets using their own launch pad and controller to learn the basics of model rocket flight, launch range safety, construction, propulsion, stability, and recovery. In subsequent quarters, the team designs, builds, and flies their competition model to collect performance data that will help them refine their design for consistent, predictable flights. The goal of the year is for the team to develop a consistent design that can reliably meet contest requirements, scoring as well as possible in the national championship selection in April. Every team member brings and develops their own skills, including design, construction, artistry, data analysis, computer programming, and project management. Students learn to work in project teams, dividing the project into functional components, and then integrating their part into the whole.

Student fees include a starter set that includes a model rocket launch pad and controller, and 2 rocket kits to build and fly, plus 7 flights worth of motors. Additionally, each student receives a personalized tool box for storing their launch supplies, and an assortment of construction tools. These personal toolkits are intended to support remote learning, so that each student is materially self-sufficient, and to minimize sharing of materials when the group is working in person.